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Instructor Training
Instructor Training
Instructor Training Course:      

Become a Safe Falling Instructor for your team or group, and teach your members at your convenience! This program involves intensive instruction on the falling skills themselves as well as preparation on how to teach them SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY to all levels.

Because of the detailed nature of this course, it is offered over EIGHT 60-min sessions recommended over at least 4 days (for best retention and pace of learning) but can be scheduled consecutively over a minimum of 2 days (4 hours per day).

Additionally, participants will be tested before becoming new instructors to certify that they are fully capable and knowledgeable in all areas related to falling skills and conducting practice sessions, including safety measures and instructing large groups.

Certification is good for one year and participants are eligible for a shorter re-certification course annually thereafter.

Recommended for:  sports teams, healthcare center professionals

Please contact us directly for pricing information.

Fine print: Depending on location, travel expenses may be included. One-year phone consultation included with Instructor Training Course.


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