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In recent years there has been an increase in injuries related to falling and ground impact among athletes in contact sports. As sports science has evolved, so too have players become more athletic, faster and stronger. This leads to an increase in violent collisions often resulting in dangerous falls to the ground surface. Unless these athletes have specific training in how to protect themselves during such an event, they are as susceptible to injury from a fall as an average person, but more likely to suffer one.

This type of injury can be severe and threaten an athlete's career length as well as long-term health. It can also jeopardize much of the time, resources, and energy which teams have put into their training and preparation.

We have recorded numerous instances of athletes in different sports over several years who themselves, and whose teams, have suffered setbacks due to falling-related injuries, most of which could have likely been avoided with some simple skills and proper technique.

With a short program built into a team's practice regimen, athletes could easily learn basic proper falling skills and be more prepared for this type of situation, thereby (a) protecting their health through injury-risk reduction and (b) promoting better performance and results, both for individuals and teams.

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